Eli Stone reunion: Kerr Smith, Daniel Benzali and Victor Garber

It’s a weird world at ABC. They cancel shows like Eli Stone and Pushing Daisies, but despite still having episodes in the can, they’re not going to bother airing them except at some indeterminate point in the future, probably while everyone’s on their summer vacations. Which means we in the UK get to see them first.

Eli Stone – which probably deserved to die judging by its descent into silliness without the depth, pathos or George Michael of season one to justify it – has been having a couple of reunions over on the SciFi Channel in the UK.


Victor Garber and Kerr Smith, who appeared together over on Justice before it got cancelled, have been in more or less every episode that hasn’t been aired in the US – although you never see them together, the unlucky, cursed guys.

Victor Garber

Kerr Smith

Meanwhile, Murder One lovers will delighted to hear that Daniel Benzali has been temporarily reunited with the law to appear as a judge.

Daniel Benzali

Just thought I’d mention it.