A few things learned from TV last week: 24, The Mentalist, Chuck, Supernatural and House

Although I was generally in favour of TV companies being allowed to place products in TV shows – they really need the cash these day – I almost made a 180º turn on that after watching last Monday’s 24. Product placement is one thing, but when you have nearly two minutes of a show turned into a training video for Cisco’s WebEx digital signature system, I think we’ve gone too far.

Yvonne Strahovski looks like a tiny little girl playing dress-up when she’s next to Tricia Helfer.

Even if a show is formulaic, if it knows it formula well enough then it can be very clever in how it plays with that formula.

The Mentalist
Even if a show is technically a ‘procedural’, it doesn’t actually have to follow any known police procedures. Ever.

Even if an episode’s concept isn’t totally original (Stranger Than Fiction, etc), you can still make a damn fine and clever episode from it, even when you’re in your fourth season.