Review: Heroes 3×15 – Trust and Blood

Going hardcore

Not a proper review as such, more like a question and a brief look-over: anyone actually want episode by episode reviews of Heroes, given it’s finally getting good again?

Given I don’t normally do e-by-e reviews of US shows, only the occasional Brit show (there’s only so much time in the week and let’s not commit to anything we can’t sustain), I thought there was an atypical lack of symmetry there that might need fixing. Besides, it’s about the only US show I’d want to review e-by-e, apart from 24, but my 24 reviews would just be me giggling insanely because each episode has more well executed action scenes in it than any other US show has per season (with the honourable exceptions of The Unit and Battlestar Galactica, of course).

Of course, if Heroes goes pants again, I might regret the offer, but I thought I’d put it out there – over to you.

As for this week’s episode, for a mini-review, join me after the jump.

Quite hardcore this one, wasn’t it? I think we have Mark Verheiden to praise for that quality – for all the forthcoming Fuller-love we’re no doubt going to get (there’s a Quatermass joke there, if we look hard enough), Verheiden’s an excellent writer and is one of those writers emerging from the BSG stable who are going to revolutionise network TV as we know it in the next few years. And Heroes could do with a bit more grittiness, I reckon.

High points
Bit of a Tracy episode, which has got to be a good thing – clearly she’s going on a journey of self-discovery and there were potential hints of the Niki/Peter relationship of the future emerging here, too. Rehabilitation of a new, not especially liked character by pairing her off with the hero? Who knows?

Peter didn’t whine once, which can only be a good thing, and Claire was relatively restrained, too. Surprisingly, it was Matt Parkman who showed the most interesting facets of personality and edge, while HRG and Nathan almost got as far as having well thought out motivations this week.

And best of all – no massive great big leaps in logic.

Low points
Microwave boy. Nice to see the guy from Aliens in America again, but that was a bit daft all the same.

The nose-drugs. Seriously, you incapacitate heroes by sticking tubes up their noses?

In terms of emotions, it felt a bit flat, too, as though everyone was going through the motions. Parkman should have been a tad more upset, there should have been a bit more spark between Tracy and Nathan, and HRG was a bit too placid with Claire.

Very good episode though. If they can keep this up, it’ll be must-watch again before you know it.


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