Heroes: Fugitives – Preview

Three exciting previews here for everyone who’s still bothering to watch Heroes. The first and best is from the BBC’s Heroes: Unmasked and, because it’s the Beeb, will only play for UK viewers. However, it’s about three minutes of behind-the-scenes footage, clips and interviews so is worth watching – if only to see who’s absolutely definitely going to be in… the first episode of the the fourth volume. And doesn’t Ali look fetching in red?

The second is pretty much the same but is shorter, lacks some of the interviews, and is in YouTube quality but should be viewable by Americans and Canadians:

The last is the US "next episode" preview so everyone’s probably seen it, it’s low quality and you can’t really see much. But doesn’t Ali look fetching in a sort of pinky-lilac? Hope you’re all having some happy holidays!