PlayStation Shoot

In a move vaguely reminiscent of the old BMW/Clive Owen ads, PlayStation’s got a bunch of directors and producers (including Michael Winterbottom and Jerry Bruckheimer) together to shoot short movies:

Shoot! is a brand new venture for PlayStation and a very exciting initiative for film-making. It brings six of the most promising international directorial talents together with the six of the most respected names in the film industry today, to make six short films commissioned exclusively for PlayStation.

We’d love to know what you think of their films, some of which are already available and some which will be released later this month through the PlayStation Network (available in High Definition through a PS3 or PSP) or 7 days later at (in standard definition).

Each week one of the films will be released to download (for free) along with further video content which tells the story of how that film was made, from its pitch to its production and interviews with the respective directors.

Here’s a video about it. What do you think?