The CSI: Miami drinking game

I’ve already ‘aside’-ed this, but I thought it merited its own post. So here it is.

Now it’s no great secret that David Caruso isn’t much loved on the set of CSI: Miami. Or that Emily Procter and he don’t get along and haven’t done since season one.

But if you’ve been watching seasons six and seven, you’ll have noticed that they’ve been having fewer and fewer scenes together. In fact, one or two a season seems to be the count, even when that makes a nonsense of the plot. In fact, you could even make a long-term drinking game out of it all.

The question is though: have the producers noticed that we’ve noticed? Take a look at this scene. It looks like Procter and Caruso are in the same scene. Yet… they don’t exchange dialogue and when they are in the same shot, it’s a long shot and you can’t see both of their faces – I doubt they’re using doubles but odder things have happened…

So are they actually in the same scene or not? What do you think?