Review: The Sarah Jane Adventures 2×6

Star turn

The Sarah Jane Adventures

It’s the second part of that story about astrology: don’t tell me you didn’t see it coming?

Bit of a flat ending to this one. Russ Abbott, master astrologer and ham villain, is consigned to reading out star signs for most of this story, kind of like a Russell Grant phone line but cheaper. Meanwhile, team Sarah Jane has to work out what can possibly defeat the Eternal Lights from beyond the beginning of the universe. Ofcom?

No. Turns out that the best way to defeat astrology is with Macbeth, because it’s Gareth “Shakespeare Code” Roberts writing this and Luke is his version of MacDuff.

It’s an interesting twist to what had been a pretty mundane story that looked like it was going to have a reasonably mundane resolution. All the same, it still featured far too much running around, everyone looking a bit frightened, etc, to be a good episode and once more after a slight uptick in the age level of the story for the last two-parter, we were in kiddie territory again for this story, right down to the Scooby Doo tack-on end scene. Bit bored really.

Next week, there’s blue and parents everywhere. Probably some blue parents too.