Third-episode verdict: The Ex-List

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We’re three episodes into The Ex-List now so it must be time to decide whether to keep watching or not. As you might recall, it’s the story of a quite boring woman who gets told by a psychic that she has to get married within the year to someone she once dated or else she’ll doomed to end up alone. So dull woman starts checking out all her old boyfriends to see what they’ve become over the last 0-20 years, while her far more interesting friends go off and have far more interesting B-plots.

Like No Heroics, this is a show which if the main character were removed completely from the proceedings and the whole thing left to the supporting characters (especially her foxy history teacher friend and her boyfriend, who have quite an interesting relationship), it would actually be quite fun. Unfortunately, it’s not and things have only got more boring since the initial episode, with dull woman’s mountain-biking and cop boyfriends not even as interesting as the rock-star boyfriend of the pilot.If she, both actress and character, had perhaps just a bit more spark, the show would seem less interminable. But I’m not sure her vacillations and constant psychic consultations are appealing to anyone at all at the moment.

Not badly put together, and it has a nice sense of place (although San Diego struck me as having a few more Latinos when I was there) but hampered by the original Israeli format into being something less than it could be.

Will get cancelled in the not too distant future

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Three or Minor Caruso


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