Third-episode verdict: Flashpoint

The CarusometerA Carusometer rating of 2

So we’re three episodes into Flashpoint, the Canadian-US co-production that doesn’t like to mention the word Canadian. It’s a sort of SWAT procedural for hostage situations, but without the omnipresent firepower and machismo you might expect of a US show.

Anyway, we’re three episodes in and not much has changed and a formula is emerging. We open with the hostage situation. We backtrack a bit to see how it all started. Then we see how the situation is resolved.

And that’s pretty much it. Everything’s a bit angsty, as the terrible toll of having to shoot people every other week gets to the tough but sensitive cops. We have a bit of banter, a bit of character background every week. And we definitely don’t ever mention that we’re Canadian and work in Toronto. Oh no. That would never do.

Although it’s reasonably well made with decent scripts, there’s nothing too special going on. At the moment, it’s interesting if you’re into SWAT tactics and procedures with the minimum amount of hyperbole and exaggeration necessary in a TV show. But even that’s likely to wane after a while if nothing changes, dramatically. Fingers crossed for future interest.