Safety Catch – Series Two

Simon from Safety CatchMs Rullsenberg has nudged into my consciousness the fact that Safety Catch, a Radio 4 comedy series about a reluctant arms dealer, is currently enjoying a repeat run at a sensible time on said station. Hooray!

It stars Darren Boyd, Joanna Page (yes) and Brigid Forsyth and is really quite funny, if you’re into slightly black, apparently un-PC yet not comedy. If you’ve missed any episodes – which is likely since it started its run on the 8th July – you can catch up using the iPlayer or through my last blog entry on the subject, which links to all four episodes. You can also find out more about the show from the British Comedy Guide, which has been good enough to quote me alongside The Guardian and the Daily Telegraph for some reason on its “press clippings” page about the show.

However, after having the show nudged back into my consciousness, I decided to investigate a bit to see if a second series has finally been commissioned. And lo and behold it has, according to writer Laurence Howarth. The second series should be airing next year some time – no word on if there have been any cast or character changes or when recordings are going to be. I s’pose I could ask, but that sounds a bit like hard work. Maybe later…