South Wales location hunting: Gavin & Stacey

Barry Island

Awright there, blog reader? Awright?

After a week away on a “gym and spa” holiday in South Wales, I’m back and raring to write. After a couple of days staying not too far away from (unbelievably) Port Tennant in Swansea, we spent the rest of the week in Cardiff.

I’ll tell you something for nothing: you can’t move for stars in Cardiff. If I wasn’t bumping into Rusty T down on Cardiff Bay at every available opportunity, I was being stalked – stalked, I tell you – by Simon Callow.

All I have to say on that is this: Callow, you might be a Commander of the British Empire, have starred in movies like Amadeus and Four Weddings and a Funeral, have appeared in Doctor Who as Charles Dickens, and been Tom Chance in Chance in a Million, a delightful 80s sitcom that has left me with premature pronoun droppage to this very day, but no! That does not give you a right to follow me to breakfast, lunch and certainly not the gym while I’m on holiday.

Anyway, after a minor spot of Torchwood location hunting on my last visit, we did some Gavin & Stacey location investigation this time with a trip to Barry and Barry Island. Pics after the break.

So here’s where Stacey gets the bus to London.

Barry Sea Front

Which is Barry Island sea front:

Barry Island

And here’s the centre of Barry where Ness does some work from time to time:

Barry library and town hall

Which is Barry’s Town Hall and library.

Barry town hall and library

That’s your lot. Seriously, I was there for a morning and I wasn’t really going just to look at G&S locations.

I won’t lie to you though: if you’re planning on visiting Barry, I’d hold off until Summer, because it gets right parky in April and the funfair’s shut.