The Amazing Randi returns to UK TV

James Randi

Don’t know if you’re aware of The Amazing James Randi or not. He’s a magician, who amongst other things performed a guillotine trick with Alice Cooper during one of his world tours and brought Penn and Teller together.

But he’s most famous for debunking Uri Geller during the 70s, appearing on numerous chat shows to demonstrate the exact same tricks that Geller performs, but without claiming psychic powers. He’s like Derren Brown – and indeed Penn and Teller – but older.

He’s also famous for his million dollar challenge, in which he promises to give $1 million to anyone who can demonstrate psychic or supernatural powers under mutually agreed conditions.

Anyway, he’s returning to UK screens* – assuming the contracts get sorted – to do a show based on his $1 million challenge for Channel 4. He’s going to have a panel of scientifically qualified people of all persuasions to help him. That’s all the details I’ve managed to glean so far from his latest podcast. Fingers crossed it’ll all come together.

* You might also remember him from his ITV show, James Randi – Psychic Investigator, which aired in 1991.


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Review: The Apprentice 4×1

In the UK: Wednesdays, 9pm, BBC1

Sir Alan’s back. Hasn’t he learnt his lesson yet? Honestly.

You take a group of salespeople, who, let’s face it, have an above average chance of being the scum of the earth and ask them to apply to be on a reality TV show. Since the good ones will all be earning very nice salaries at very nice companies, only the ones not doing so well (and who will therefore lie on their CV) and the most arrogant, preening twannocks with pebbles for brains will apply.

They get whittled down by the production team into the best group of ‘personalities’ possible, the ones guaranteed to be obnoxious, evil, sociopathic, incompetent idiots, usually with the kind of accents that can start class war in 70% of London boroughs as soon as they open their mouths. 

And then Sir Alan has to work out which of these creatures from the black sales lagoon he wants to employ by the end of the series.

I don’t envy him.

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Review: Doctor Who – Brave New Town

Brave New Town Thank Christ for that.

For quite some time, I’ve been wondering if there was ever going to be another, truly decent Eighth Doctor and Lucie story. Certainly, this season’s have all been a bit on the wrong side of completely terrible.

But finally, we have a good ‘un. Yey.

Might I, at this point, just say: “Heads and tails, heads and tails, heads and tails. Heads and tails, heads and tails, heads and tails?”

Yes, the rumours are true. The living legend Derek Griffiths is in this one. All hail Derek Griffiths.

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