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First, a brief apology – I’m behind in my Big Finish reviews. Trouble is, while I’ve been working from home for the last week, enabling me to put some actual work into the blog for a change, it means I haven’t been doing any commuting. No commuting, means no iPod listening (except when I’m doing the housework), so I’ve not been listening to any of the plays. Never fear, though, I hope to have reviews of The Bride of Peladon, Condemned and Dead London sometime soon.

But 1st February marked two important events. Number one: Big Finish redesigned its web site again so that it’s almost usable. Almost. They have a slight issue with labelling. You’ll see. And they could do with hiring a proofreader (hint, hint).

Number two: it’s started to sell its plays as downloads. No more ripping to iPod for me then. Woo hoo.


Let’s look at the pricing. Price of a two-disc play on CD: £14.99. Price of a download: £12.99. Hmm. Okay, so, you’re not having to pay P&P either, but that’s not a huge reduction. £2 less and I don’t get the CDs, the box liner notes, etc? (Well, I haven’t bought any yet, so maybe you get them as PDFs).

I don’t feel “incentivised” by that. All the same, I suspect that’ll be the way forward for me from now on. How about you?


Review: Primeval 2×4


Ah, ITV. How dearly it loves to imitate the Beeb. That goes right down to the scheduling, including messing around with the timings of its Saturday night shows. How many times am I going to have to use the mighty power of the Internet to catch up with Primeval because I’ve missed the first 15 minutes again?

Anyway, it must be fabulous being a professor of “dinosaurs and things” in the brave new world of Primeval. You get to run around with a sub-machine gun with an ever-lasting supply of bullets, shooting at stuff. You get to look at dead animals and rather than say “my, I’ve not seen something like this in the fossil record before. There are so many marvellous new discoveries coming out of the Gansu Province of China these days, aren’t there?”, you can firmly pronounce them the future of shark evolution without the slightest shred of evidence. You get to act like a dopey teenager around the ladies. And you never, ever have to use a comb.

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