Big Finish: the downloads

Peter Davison as the Doctor

First, a brief apology – I’m behind in my Big Finish reviews. Trouble is, while I’ve been working from home for the last week, enabling me to put some actual work into the blog for a change, it means I haven’t been doing any commuting. No commuting, means no iPod listening (except when I’m doing the housework), so I’ve not been listening to any of the plays. Never fear, though, I hope to have reviews of The Bride of Peladon, Condemned and Dead London sometime soon.

But 1st February marked two important events. Number one: Big Finish redesigned its web site again so that it’s almost usable. Almost. They have a slight issue with labelling. You’ll see. And they could do with hiring a proofreader (hint, hint).

Number two: it’s started to sell its plays as downloads. No more ripping to iPod for me then. Woo hoo.


Let’s look at the pricing. Price of a two-disc play on CD: £14.99. Price of a download: £12.99. Hmm. Okay, so, you’re not having to pay P&P either, but that’s not a huge reduction. £2 less and I don’t get the CDs, the box liner notes, etc? (Well, I haven’t bought any yet, so maybe you get them as PDFs).

I don’t feel “incentivised” by that. All the same, I suspect that’ll be the way forward for me from now on. How about you?