Video help for Anna on her Sapphire and Steel quest

A while back, Anna asked for advice on whether to give Sapphire and Steel a try. Since she hasn’t got back to us with her opinions yet, I’m guessing she’s been busy not watching Sapphire and Steel. Oh dear. Don’t give up Anna!

So here are some clips from Assignments 1, 2 and the ever-silly 5 that the PR agency responsible for promoting the box set have made available. I’m not sure they’re the best ones – they seem a bit daft out of context, much scarier in context – but for what it’s worth, here you go, Anna.

Incidentally, if you have the time available, some enterprising person has put the entire series up on YouTube:

I personally think the quality’s better on DVD – and you get more interviews and audio commentaries, too.

Assignment 1: Sapphire explains the nature of Time

Assignment 2: Steel locates a time jump in a corridor

Assignment 5: Sapphire analyses a glass