Third-episode verdict: Journeyman

The Carusometer for Journeyman2-Partial-Caruso

Journeyman – aka Quantum Leap: The Next Generation aka The Time Traveler’s Wife for People Who Can’t Read or Don’t Like Highly Pretentious Characters started off with a relatively promising first episode. It wasn’t absolutely gripping and suffered from more than a few cliché s, but it was relatively engrossing and had at least a few intriguing concepts.

Trouble is, since then, it’s done nothing to accentuate the positives and has mostly pushed the negatives. We’re three episodes in now and we still don’t have a clue why Dan the man is doing all this ‘travelling’ as the other traveller he bumps into from time to time calls it. We don’t know why she’s doing it either. None of them do. Are we just going to watch him saving idiots every week, or are there going to be answers coming any time soon? No idea and there are no suggestions we’re ever going to know.

While the producers are now taking the trouble to flesh out the secondary characters, are veering away from making Dan have second thoughts about being with his wife, and are making her even more like a certain wife of a person who travels in time, there’s still no one to really identify with, like or generally care about. If everyone weren’t so serious about everything, you know, maybe cracked a joke or was a little less sombre – hell, I’d settle for a smile, rather than the wry grins that are all the cast seem able to muster – it might be more appealing.

So although it’s all well written and I’ll probably stick with it, it’s just hard to actually enjoy it and want to stick with it. It might get better, there might be answers, but I suspect it’ll be cancelled before anything worthwhile happens.

So The Medium is Not Enough declares Journeyman a two or “Partial Caruso” on The Carusometer quality scale. A Partial Caruso corresponds to “a show with two walk-on cameos by David Caruso as a time traveller. Trying to speak in an English accent because ‘everyone spoke with an English accent in the past’, he’ll find other actors unwilling to interact with him, pretending that ‘he left a second ago’.”