Negligence on my part: Cane and Big Shots

I’m probably not going to be doing third-episode verdicts on Cane and Big Shots. The simple fact is that despite the fact they’re there, sitting on my iPod, waiting to be watched:

  1. What will all the other new shows on at the moment, I’m just not going to have the time to watch them
  2. The thought of watching them isn’t exactly thrilling me at the moment.

Now I know I did give an almost-positive review of Cane, but since the first episode, I’ve lost any interest I might once have had in it.

As for Big Shots, that I hated from the outset and have a firm intention of continuing to hate it. Life’s too short to be watching Big Shots.

Of course, there’s always the potential of a re-evaluation of both shows with the Random Carusometer later in the season. And I might change my mind completely about watching the episodes I already have, given that I’ve a three-hour train journey to Swansea to look forward to this afternoon.

Life might be short, but train journeys are actually sometimes longer.