Monday’s dirty beast news

David TennantDavid Tennant again

Because you need it

Doctor Who

  • Torchwood goes filming in the Rhondda
  • Peter Davison “too tubby” to wear his original costume for Comic Relief
  • Mackenzie Crook willing to take over from David Tennant if asked


Invasive intrusions into people’s personal lives

British TV


  • Lipstick Jungle recasts: Paul Blackthorne now Brooke Shields’ husband
  • David Simon to make HBO series about musicians in New Orleans
  • Old people ejected from Jericho
  • Al Gough discusses things coming up on Smallville [spoilers]
  • First ep of Women’s Murder Club does well in the ratings
  • George Lucas looking for writers for Star Wars TV series
  • TV Land to stream Andy Griffith, Gunsmoke and Leave It To Beaver
  • Parker Posey’s new show cut from 13 to seven episodes
  • Patrick Swayze to star in A&E pilot, The Beast, about unorthodox FBI vet. No, not that sort
  • Will Smith turning Hitch into a sitcom