What bit of Doctor Who history for series four?

DavrosAutumn is in the air. The leaves are falling from the trees. The weather alternates between chucking it down with rain and bright, blinding, car-crash inducing sunlight.

It must be that time of year again. The time when we start coming up with idle, groundless speculation for what’s going to be in the next series of Doctor Who.

As we all know from watching Doctor Who Confidential for series three, Rusty plans to bring back another element of Doctor Who history for series four. Of course, I don’t know about you, but I have a Memento-style tattoo somewhere that says “Don’t believe Rusty’s lies”. All the same, we can probably assume it’s true, judging from his track record.

So who or what do you reckon it’s going to be?

My two pitches, to open the proceedings, are:

  1. Paul McGann as the eighth Doctor
  2. Davros

Although Rusty doesn’t do “Doctor meets” allegedly, he might well take the opportunity to include a previous Doctor next year – which is going to be more fun, apparently. McGann, being the only one of the previous Doctors (except for Eccles-cake) who still looks reasonably like he did during his on-screen appearance, would be the obvious candidate and since he didn’t exactly last a long time in the role, it wouldn’t really be a clash of egos thing if he did turn. Plus there have been all those rumours…

As for Davros, which is a bit more likely, we’re down to one Dalek now. If they turned to him in the past when their fortunes were decidely better, now would be an ideal time to go back to the Dalek-creator and get him to rustle up a new batch and thus ensure the continuity of the franchiseDalek race. Plus Terry Molloy did say he’d been talking to the production team.

Over to you, my friends. What are your bets?


  • Rob Buckley

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