Some thoughts on a few recent series

Meadowlands/Cape Wrath

Well, if you made it through to the final episode, you’ll probably have been a little frustrated, but will no doubt have spotted the continuing parallels with The Prisoner. At the end of that 60s classic, after a series in which Number 6 had tried to work out where the village was using stellar navigation and other means after a couple of boat trips home, it’s finally revealed he’s in Britain at the end of an A-road.

Similarly, at the end of Meadowlands, it’s finally revealed that the eponymous village of that show is in fact in the middle of a desert. That would be the only desert with a small enclave that has the exact same weather conditions and solar strength as Kent, then.

John From Cincinnati (not Cincinatti, people!)

For true weirdness though, you had to watch John From Cincinnati. I’m sure that people are going to be discussing it for ages, and with every line of dialogue amenable to being stamped on a T-shirt, it’ll probably grow as a cult over time. The ending, of course, explained little, but did explain a few things. Quite who John is remains somewhat inconclusive, although with his various speeches about his father and his father’s father and heeding his father’s words, I’m veering towards John being the son of Jesus, sent here to warn us of impending doom. Anyone got any better theories?


Burn Notice

Sorry. Forgot this one the first time round. Was that Richard Schiff (Toby from The West Wing) I heard on the phone a couple of episodes ago as the guy who put the burn notice on our hero? If it was, he’s going to the villain of note this season, I suspect. Also, good use of Arye Gross as an assassin last week.