Preview: Californication


In the US: Mondays, 10.30pmET/PT, Showtime. Starts August 13th

In the UK: Five/Five US. No air date yet

You’ve got to hand it to David Duchovny. Let’s face it, he’s not as young as he was. He’s not exactly decrepit – far from it – and time has treated him very well. But it’s not the early 90s and those calls for him to star in things like The X-Files and, more relevantly, The Red Shoe Diaries aren’t coming in as often as they used to.

Faced with that problem, what does he do? He exec produces his own show, in which he stars as an irresistible 40-something who spends every waking moment sleeping with women less than half his age. And a few others as well.

Nice one, David.

Plot (plagiarised because of writer’s block from the Showtime web site)

Famed novelist & NYC transplant Hank relocates to LA after his acclaimed book is optioned, but it later becomes a crappy romantic comedy, which sparks a horrible case of writer’s block. He’s struggling to get his career back on track with the help of his agent/best friend, raise his pre-teen daughter, all while pining for his ex-girlfriend, who is now engaged to another man. It may sound desperate, but he enjoys life and owns all his various vices – drink, drugs and women – with a refreshing sense of honesty and unapologetic candor. He’s holding it together while falling apart, and he doesn’t mind it one bit.

Is it any good?

It’s a curious mix of sex, comedy and mid-life crisis. At times, it comes across like a Curb Your Enthusiasm for hotter, younger men, with Duchovny getting annoyed at the rest of the world for talking on their cell phones in movie theaters, not knowing much about culture, etc.

Most of the time, it’s a character piece and you’re not actually sure if you’re supposed to be rooting for this adulterous, self-aborbed, self-pitying man. But it’s funny all the same. Not side-splitting, but it’s wry stuff.

Duchovny’s fine, the rest of the cast are good, and it’s not a bad way to spend half an hour of your time, particularly if you like plenty of nudity (mostly female), swearing, etc, and want to try something a little less tame than mainstream sitcoms. Promising, but not a sure-fire winner.

Here’s a lovely YouTube trailer for your enjoyment.


Hank Moody (David Duchovny)

Karen (Natascha McElhone)

Becca (Madeleine Martin)

Mia (Madeline Zima)

Charlie (Evan Handler)

  • Sounds just like my life.

  • Which part? Or all of it?

  • Awh, but it has lovely Natascha in it! That’s much more likely than DD to inspire me to see it.

  • She has little to do except look annoyed with David, so you might not be drawn too much.

  • Sofie

    Saw the pilot and i loved it. Duchovny is teriffic as well as the rest of the cast.

  • Marlene

    Duchovny is not the writer of this show. He is an executive producer.

  • Yeah. I changed that a couple of minutes ago. I was confusing it with Yoga Man, his other Showtime project.
    Thanks for dropping by!

  • kaballa

    Wow, when did Duchovny become all forehead?

  • The works. Just reverse the genders and fudge the ages a bit. It’s just sex, sex, drugs, drugs over here. Ask any writer, it’s the same for all of us.

  • Leona

    “Wow, when did Duchovny become all forehead?”
    Duchovny has always had a high forehead. Way back in 1993 it was the same. That is the sign of a very smart person. For sure he still has a great head of hair if that’s what you mean.

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