Review: Damages 1.1


In the US: Tuesdays, 10pm, FX

In the UK: Not yet acquired

Do we really need another show about lawyers? Haven’t we had just about every insight possible now into law, the lawyers, victims, etc?

And indeed, it’s tempting, at first, to assume that Damages is a show about lawyers. With a name like Damages, you might think it’s about the corrosive effect the law, crime, etc have on those who have to deal with it. To a certain extent you’d be right.

But Damages is really just a psychological thriller that happens to have the law as a backdrop. Starring Glen Close, Rose Byrne, Ted Danson and Tate Donovan, it’s a show about lawyers, all right. Really nasty, ruthless, backstabbing lawyers.

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Friday’s news signifying nothing

Doctor Who


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Preview: Bionic Woman

Katee Sackoff in Bionic Woman

In the US: Wednesdays, 9pm/8c, NBC. Starts September 26th.
In the UK: Acquired by ITV2

Battlestar Galactica is everyone’s favourite current example of adult science-fiction. It has two exec producers: the highly visible, highly involved Ronald Moore; and the not very visible, not very involved David Eick. Many people have wondered exactly what parts David Eick is responsible for in producing this top show.

Judging by this pilot for NBC’s remake of The Bionic Woman, he’s responsible for all the crap bits.

Now, it’s worth remembering that the pilot is already being extensively retooled, with recasting, rewriting and more happening behind the scenes to bring the programme up to scratch. But it’s going to take a lot of work to remove the clunky dialogue, poor characterisation and tedious pseudo-feminist sub-text.

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Anyone got a clue about the Vue’s queues?

Vue Cinema LogoI went to Islington Vue cinema on Tuesday to watch Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix (surprisingly good and dark). It’s the first time I’ve been to a Vue in a while and they’ve changed the ticketing system. It’s a pain in the arse, I’ll tell you that much.

Vista”, as it’s called, means you can supposedly buy your tickets at any till, saving you the hassle of queuing once for your confectionery and once for your tickets.

In practice, this means they’ve closed the front desks, so if you only want to buy tickets and no confectionery, you’ve still got to go into the Hall of Doom (aka the confectionery area) and brave the queues. Unlike the efficient front desk system, you’re pretty much playing pot luck here, as people jump from queue to queue – and wherever the confectionery staff were trained, it wasn’t a pub, since they can’t keep track of who should be served next. In fact, the people at the tills seem to jump around a lot, too, so you’re always guessing about exactly which till is open and where the till operator is going to be.

I can see where the management is coming from: they don’t have to have extra staff on the front desks, which saves money on wages; and with most of cinemas’ earnings coming from confectionery rather than tickets to see movies, anything that gets people into the confectionery area must be good for the bottom line.

All the same, it’s a pain and proof, yet again, that the Internet is good: order your tickets in advance over the Web, even if it costs you 50p more, then collect them at the front entrance to avoid the confectionery queues.

Anyone got good things to say about “Vista”?

Thursday’s news aka the news that is Thursday’s

Doctor Who


  • Yes, Greg Grunberg will be in JJ Abrams’ secret movie
  • Guy Ritchie to direct a movie based on his own comic
  • How many Blade Runners do you want? Well, there’s five on this DVD set


  • Morph shows us how to be green [QuickTime required]

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