News from over the weekend

It might be news, it might not: I’ve been in a bubble for a week. Have we started any new wars?

Doctor Who



British TV

  • Kim Cattrall to play Daniel Radcliffe’s mum in a World War I ITV1 drama. I thought Rupert Grint was supposed to be ITV’s saviour?
  • Which of the forthcoming new US shows are the British networks interested in: news from the LA screenings
  • Reality TV: the US has a show about pirates, we get one about local planning offices

Polish TV



Things no one was expecting No. 73: John Barrowman at CERN

John BarrowmanIt’s probably gone inexplicably beneath most people’s radar, but last week’s Guardian Science Weekly Podcast (and podcast extra) feature interviews with John Barrowman (you know, Captain Jack in Doctor Who and Torchwood) as he’s led round CERN (the European centre for nuclear research) by Dr Brian Cox (Hannibal Lecktor. No, hang on, it’s another Brian Cox).

Just thought I’d let you know in case you missed it for some reason.


I’m back

Anglia TVI’m back from Norfolk. Ah Norfolk. Home of grey clouds and torrential rain blistering sunshine, beautiful broads and FRESH ASPARAGUS. Everywhere, as far as the eye can see, FRESH ASPARAGUS.

Anyway, I’ve spent the last week in a technology deprivation tank, to reduce potential stress from the encroachment of this modern life on my holiday. No Internet. No phone. No TV.

Yes. No TV.

Even an iPod fitted with a pair of speakers to provide music nearly hurled me over the edge. I was like some character in The Changes, ready to beat anything modern into dust using the nearest available ploughshare.

I did read some books. I’d almost forgotten how. For the curious, I burned my way through

So I haven’t watched a thing, not even Doctor Who. I’ll be getting round to rectifying that over the next day or so. And over the next week, I have all manner of shiny things to do: I even have a new plan for now somewhat lazy Carusometer. Fingers crossed, I might get some of them done.

And yes, I am the kind of guy who takes pictures of local television stations while I’m on holiday. Why do you ask?

Altogether now, “Live from Norwich, it’s The Sale of the Century!”…