Third-episode verdict: The Winner

The Winner's Carusometer4-Major-Caruso

Poor Carusometer. How can you cope? First, The Black Donnellys. Now The Winner‘s messing around with the whole third-/fifth-episode verdict thing. Showing two episodes per week? Curse you, Fox.

Still, time to report back. It was all going so well, sort of, last week. While not the best comedy series in the world, pioneering nothing and having the usual anaemic female characters, The WInner still had a relatively high chuckle count.

This week, it went into a slow plummet as the show veered first into cringe comedy before hurling itself into blatantly offensive misogyny. It’s all very well having Rob Corddry as a 13 year old boy in a man’s body, but does he have to be the same rude, crude, stupid 13-year-old in every other US TV show since the dawn of time? Why couldn’t he have been a junior Alex Keaton or something? In the first few episodes, he had a certain innocence, but now, he’s offensive and not particularly funny.

So disappointing.

The Medium is Not Enough hereby declares The Winner is a 4 or “Major Caruso” on The Carusometer quality scale. A Major Caruso corresponds to a show that David Caruso might exec produce or star in, ensuring that every script consists entirely of one-liners, fat-jokes and pratfalls. If anyone questions his decisions, he will tell them to watch ‘real comedians’ like Carrot Top or Jim Davidson, who only coincidentally have red hair.