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Doctor Who's coming back with a bang

It’s Friday!

Doctor Who

  • David Tennant promotes Red Nose Day sweets


  • Goran Visnjic may be the villain in the next Bond film. Meanwhile, the Daily Express reckons there’s going to be less Craigy nudity next round
  • Sex and the City movie back on?
  • Shooting on Anthony Minghella’s The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency begins in May
  • Three Men Seeking Monsters might get adapted with John, Doug and Dan Heder
  • Star Trek XI is going to be a ‘re-imagining’, not a prequel
  • 2010 for Toy Story 3
  • Rorschach from The Watchmen hiding in 300 trailer?
  • Jeff Bridges will be Obidiah Stane in the Iron Man movie
  • Eddie Murphy to star in a remake of Fantasy Island?

British TV

  • John Inman has died
  • ‘Allo, ‘Allo is coming back for a one-off special. Allegedly
  • It’s got Sting. It’s got Hywel Bennet. It’s got Daniel Day Lewis. It must be Artemis ’81, out on DVD on April 23rd
  • The Thick of It is out on DVD April 2nd
  • Five’s suspended its premium rate phone numbers, as well


  • Future events in Jericho discussed
  • A great big article on Babylon 5: The Lost Tales
  • A Prison Break star is in the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off with a former co-waiter
  • So much pilot-casting, including Jeffrey Tambor, Kal Penn, Mia Maestro, Adam Goldberg, Michelle Trachtenberg and Hector Elizondo
  • Kristin talks to Dexter‘s cast and crew
  • Former Heroes stars get pilots
  • Grande Heroes spoilers


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