Succumbed to the iPod fever

So I gave in and bought a new iPod.

My iPod’s been on the blink ever since I accidentally watered it. (I was aiming for the little Valentine’s rose bush my wife gave me. I hit the clickwheel of my iPod instead. No one ever said I was a good shot). I tried replacing the clickwheel with one I bought off eBay. But it still didn’t work out right and I can’t even get through the Lost podcast, these days, without the whole thing giving up.

So I bought a new iPod, capable of playing video.

This is cool in various ways, even if I am 18 months behind everyone else.

First, it means that backlog of videos can be cleared. Phew. I’ve Comedy Central’s Halfway Home, a couple of episodes of Life on Mars and Primeval, as well as the first episode of October Road to get through. My hour and a half commute every morning’s going to go a lot quicker now.

Then there’s the exciting “Export to iPod” function of my EyeTV software.


See? Right at the bottom. I just tick that box and after EyeTV’s finished recording the programme of my choice, it converts the programme to an iPod-friendly format. How great is that?

I’ve also got an Apple TV on the way. This will play iPod-friendly TV programmes on the TV. Clearly, I’ve gone mad. But it also means I have the home network of the future.Yey. I’ll be paying it all off until the end of the next millennium. But hey ho.

I’ll let you know about my exploits with the iPod and the Apple TV, assuming anything interesting happens. So far, I’ve slightly messed up putting a screen protector on the iPod. Future exploits might not be so exciting.

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