Guess who’s back Wednesday news

Doctor Who

  • No need to lock up your daughters from the 31st March. They’ll be staying in voluntarily to watch David Tennant in the new series of Doctor Who


  • There’s a video game based on The Golden Compass coming out this year.
  • Another film that didn’t need one gets a remake. This time it’s Cronenberg’s Scanners.


British TV


  • The Black Donellys‘ ratings weren’t very good. Begorra.
  • Freddie Prinze Jr has another show. Wisely, his name isn’t in the title.
  • Lucy Liu’s coming back to tele for Cashmere Mafia
  • Las Vegas will be back for a fifth season, but without James Caan or Nikki Cox
  • Jack McBrayer (Kenneth the page in 30 Rock) only gets recognised by pages.
  • Lots of spoilers over on Ausiello as usual. Most notable that I can talk about here are Goran Visnjic not renewing his ER contract, a new female character is coming to Lost, and one of Close to Home, The Unit and Jericho is to get cancelled. Also, interesting stuff about Heroes, House and 24.