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Doctor Who


  • There’s a look at M Night Shyamalan’s new script, The Green Effect. Wonder if there’s a twist at the end…


  • UK viewers: Haven’t already seen episode one of Heroes and want to see it now? The UK SciFi Channel is streaming it from its web site for free. You’ll need to register though.
  • The US military would like 24 to cut back on the torture.
  • Kevin Sorbo bitch slaps Sam Raimi over Hercules, Xena et al. Bitter? No…
  • Questions that will be answered in Lost this season (warning: spoilers for other shows):
    • Is Claire Jack’s half sister?
    • How’d Locke end up in a wheelchair?
    • What’s the link between the Others and Dharma?
    • What’s the deal with Jack’s tattoos?
    • What’s so special about Claire’s baby?
  • There are going to be video backstories of Lost‘s big four characters on the web site, starting today. You’ll probably already have seen them, though.