Adrian Edmondson and Ben Elton: together again

A brief heads-up for those of you who lived through the 80s.


A brand new sitcom by Adrian Edmondson and Nigel Smith.

Vernon (Adrian Edmondson) moves in with his teenage kids after a spectacularly nasty divorce. He’s genuinely excited about living in their student flat. A rebel in his youth (or so he thinks), it’s his chance to be young again. Naturally, his kids are mortified.

Vernon’s only refuge from his nagging children is the pub where he meets his oldest mate Bryan (Ben Elton), now a reasonably content, slightly smug, primary school deputy head whose ‘sorted’ life is in direct contrast with Vernon’s. However, neither is quite sure who’s getting the best deal.

At heart it’s a family sitcom, but the normal family structure has been turned upside down: here the young kids can’t get rid of their stupidly rebellious father.

The show will take place at Teddington Studios, TW11 on Saturday 24th February at 7pm. Minimum age limit is 16 years old.

You can apply for tickets by calling 020 8684 3333 or online at