Third-episode verdict: The Knights of Prosperity

The Knights of Prosperity

I previewed this ages ago, back last summer when it was going to be a Fall premiere. Unlike certain pilots, though, this remained identical throughout – just as soon as they’d decided on what to call it. We’re now up to episode three and it’s ready for a third-episode verdict. We’re not quite ready for The Carusometer though.

Why? Well, it’s amiable enough and a bit rubbish, but it doesn’t cause my heart to sink whenever the prospect of watching another episode hits me, unlike In Case of Emergency. Being a serial comedy, it’s also started to hook me slightly. I want to see where they’re going with it. Will they actually rob Mick Jagger, or will they pull away at the last moment?

Its episodes so far have, unfortunately, been Mick Jagger-free (thanks to the network really annoying him by using him on all the promo posters, despite his specific request that they don’t), and since he’s the best thing about it, it’s not that great right now. I’m hoping for something a bit unconventional.

The cast are fine, the plots a bit ropey and the dialogue not really funny. It’s more of a cringe-comedy – there’s a lot of them about – but not quite as sadistic as some I could mention. You’ve really got to like physical comedy and the comedy of the stupid to love it.

But I’ll hold out to episode five, just to see if Mick turns up.