Revelations of the podcasts

BSG podcastThere are a couple of podcasts that I keep recommending that really are worth listening to: Battlestar Galactica‘s and Lost‘s. The latest episodes of both have been revelatory.

BSG‘s is always good because you get an insight into the thought processes and techniques that go into the writing; they’re also entertaining, as exec producer Ronald D Moore has a go at viewers, forum posters, himself and anyone else he thinks deserves it that week (he’s usually right though).

Recently, we got treated to a three-hour roundtable that featured various BSG actors, including Jamie Bamber and James Callis, as well as RDM. What’s interesting about the roundtable is that Jamie Bamber goes off on one about how disappointed he is by the Cylons and how they could be better. The great thing is you have RDM there, going “That’s a great idea. I never thought of that.” You can practically hear him writing stuff down for future scripts. There are also various significant hints about what’s happening later in the season, so watch out if you don’t like spoilers.

Lost podcastMeanwhile, back in the latest Lost podcast, it’s a very different Damon Lindelhof and Carlton Cuse answering viewers’ questions. The cockiness has gone. The frequent “If you don’t like the way we tell stories, go off and watch Criminal Minds” comments aren’t so funny, now portions of the audience have done just that.

Instead, we have the two contrite execs answering questions, and begging listeners to hang on in there for a few more episodes since there’ll be plenty of answers coming up soon (“Will you find out what happened to Desmond? Yes! Will you find out about the Dharma Initiative and The Others? Yes! Will you…”). How the mighty have fallen. One for the Schadenfreudic among you. I found it thoroughly amusing.