Lost moments are losing it

This year, US networks have had a change of policy about how they air their big shows. Rather than do what they’ve always done and air a few new episodes, then some repeats, then some more new episodes, then some repeats, ad infinitum, they’ve gone for two blocks of episodes: one before Christmas, one after Christmas, with a stonking great big gap in between.

In part, they can do this because of the Internet. Even with a two-month wait, shows like Jericho are pumping out extra content on their web sites to keep people interested. Lost is also doing this with “Lost moments”, clips from the next season that are designed to whet the appetite of viewers.

The trouble is, they’re not very good and lots of fans are p’ed off. After all, two and a bit seasons in and the distinct feeling is that

  1. Lost‘s producers are making it up as they go along
  2. That’s two and a bit years invested in something whose denouement in another two and a half years’ time isn’t going to be very interesting
  3. We’re never going to find out what half the good stuff means.

Valid concerns or not, the Lost moments don’t seem to be helping things. Judge for yourself why this might be after the jump. Note, if you’ve not seen any of season three yet, there are some slight spoilers in terms of who’s survived the finale of season two; if you have seen season three or are currently watching it on Sky One, there are no real spoilers, which is partly why the fans are annoyed. For my part, I will say the moments are clearly leading somewhere, although as with all things Lost-ian, I suspect we’ll have to wait till the last one to find out if it was worth it.