Robin Hood losing viewers

I haven’t watched the second episode of Robin Hood yet. In that, I’m not alone, according to the ratings: the Hood has lost 1.5 million viewers since its first episode, dropping from 8.2 million to 6.7 million.

Now, I didn’t hate the first episode, and I thought kids would probably enjoy it. Others disagreed. However, I do think it worth pointing out that a drop like that really isn’t unprecedented, with both good shows and bad, and happens with most shows between their first and second episodes. In fact, it happened between the first and second episodes of the first new series of Doctor Who: that started with 9.9 million viewers in week one and had 7.3 million viewers for the second episode. Yet no one declares that a massive flop.

So, given it’s already been picked up at Mipcom by a huge number of countries, I wouldn’t write off Robin yet, no matter how pants it may (or may not) be.