The week ahead

Well, I’m back from my vacation/my holiday/me hols (delete according to preferred dialect); yes, it did rain at various points, being Swansea, but it was also sunny. Hooray! I might blog about it over on my personal blog at some point. I might not though. Would anyone really be interested, I wonder?

Anyway, it’s going to be a busy week here on ‘The Medium is Not Enough’. The planned line-up includes:

  • A preview of Union Jackass, Al “Pub Landlord” Murray’s new US sitcom, airing on Fox in January (hopefully) and probably Sky One (or similar) in the UK shortly afterwards
  • Reviews of the first episodes of the new season of The Wire, Extras (if I can be arsed), Anne Heche’s new series Men in Trees and anything else that happens to air this week
  • Third-episode verdicts on ‘Til Death, Justice, Happy Hour and Standoff.
  • Plus generally sarcastic comments on TV news and anything else that happens this week.

However, I’m off to the Oktoberfest later today (it’s for business, honest guv’nor) and won’t be back till Wednesday afternoon, plus it’s going to be a busy post-holiday week anyway, so I have no idea exactly when I’m going to be able to squeeze all of this in. Fingers crossed, I will though.