Review: CSI: New York 3.1

CSI New York

In the US: Wednesdays, 10pm ET/PT, CBS

In the UK: The usual places

Characters re-cast:

Major characters gotten rid of: 0

Major new characters: 2

Format change percentage: 0%

New hair styles: 1

I’ve tried watching CSI: New York. I made it through the first season and a half. Then I just got so bored, I stopped. The few episodes I caught after that did nothing to make me think I’d made the wrong choice. Now it’s back for a third season. Have they done anything to change it to make we want to reconsider?


There have been a few changes. Claire Forlani has joined the cast as Mac’s new girlfriend (Eww!) and there’s another police officer to help out while Flack is recovering. But it’s still a dull show, with no real personality of its own. The scripts are sub-CSI, the characters not as interesting. Don’t start watching it if you’re not already, that’s my advice.