And the role of John Simm will be played by… Brad Pitt

State of PlayA while ago, I was wondering where State of Play 2 had got to. It’s somewhere. I know it is. And I want it bad.

It looks more likely that the Hollywood adaptation of State of Play is going to arrive first, though. Today’s big surprise is that Brad Pitt of all people is apparently interested in taking on John Simm’s original role.

According to Variety, “Pitt is also circling Universal’s ‘State of Play,’ the pricey Americanized adaptation of the acclaimed British miniseries. Matthew Carnahan is writing the script. Pitt is interested in playing a journalist and former campaign manager of a fast-rising politician who unravels a murder conspiracy involving his former boss.”

Just can’t see it myself. Still, Pitt is very much trying to be an actor these days. He was also the one who ensured that Se7en retained its original downbeat ending, saying he’d walk from the project if a happier one were tacked on. So, we can only hope that he brings his power to bear and delivers us a State of Play movie that we can all be proud of.

Assuming he ends up doing it, of course. You know how fickle these stars can be.