Another board game gets turned into a TV programme

Leslie Grantham as Colonel MustardRemember Cluedo?

No, not Cluedo. Cluedo.

It was an early 90s bit of ITV fluff, “a unique game show in which celebrities try to deduce which of the classic characters commited a murder by watching a short film and interviewing the suspects”. Yes, celebrities interviewing other celebrities to find out whether it was Lewis Collins/Leslie Grantham (aka Colonel Mustard) or Derek Nimmo/Christopher Biggins (aka Reverend Green) who killed the butler. It was actually quite star-studded, as a quick glance at the cast list on the IMDB will reveal.

It died off after a few series, never to return to our screens. But it seems the world wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the “gameshow based on a board game” format, because Monopoly is about to be turned into Monopoly. And in an inspired piece of casting, they’re getting Donald “Go to directly to Jail. Do not pass ‘Go’. Do not collect $200” Trump to host it (or something – no one’s quite sure what he’s doing, yet).

You know, that actually might be quite fun, done right. But why stop there? How about Guess Who? Or Operation? Playdough Barber Shop anyone? “Tonight, Desmond, I’ll be pushing playdough up the backside and out the head of Tricia!”