A new secret code: Welsh

Chorlton and FenellaIt was only a matter of time before Glyn and Imogen came up with a plan for having secret conversations that no one else in the Big Brother house will be able to understand: speak Welsh. Well done guys. Pure genius. Of course, since half the time they sound like the ‘Scorchio!’ bunch* from The Fast Show because Welsh has so many borrowed English words, it’s not always that hard to work out what they’re talking about, even if you can’t speak a word of Welsh. But it’s still a cunning plan.

Anyway, let’s see if they overstep the mark and start breaking the rules in Welsh, thinking they’re the only Welsh in the village – forgetting that Endemol could well have hired an actual Welsh speaker in preparation for such a cunning plan being hatched.

Actually, I’m impressed that Imogen, who’s from South Wales, was fluent enough to converse with Glyn from North Wales, who’s so patriotic he’d probably have had “Wales” tattooed on his eyeballs if he could. Most of ’em can do hymns and that’s about it. So good on you Imogen, even if you are a bit of an evil witch, it turns out. Cue references to Chorlton and the Wheelies.


Paul Whitehouse
* Fast Show co-creator Paul Whitehouse grew up in Rhondda. He says he based ‘Scorchio!’ on the Welsh-language television he watched growing up. You can read all about him in the BBC’s South East Wales Showbiz Hall of Fame. Yes, there is such a thing.