Clash of the Titans remake is on the cards

Clash of the TitansCracking news (or should that be ‘Kraken news’?): Warner Bros wants to remake Clash of the Titans. In case you don’t remember lump-of-wood Harry Hamlin’s first big break, this was a retelling of the classic Greek myth of Perseus and Andromeda, with all the magic of Ray Harryhausen added in for good effect(s).

I’ve fond memories of it, particularly since it was one of the last real stabs at doing Ancient Greece properly before the likes of Xena and Hercules morphed it into some cod-medieval Dungeons and Dragons setting. Plus who can forget the mechanical owl, Pegasus the winged horse and the ever-so-scary Kraken? Or Tim Piggott-Smith wandering around in a skirt?

My big fear is they’re going to do a Tristan & Isolde/A Knight’s Tale and try to make it more ‘contemporary’. Ugh. But who knows? They might do the right thing. I’m not expecting the unexpected (such as doing the whole thing in Ancient Greek, which apparently is something only ITV would be willing to do), and with Troy still lingering in the memory, my hopes aren’t that great. But funnier things have happened…