There’s some strange Bond fans out there

Where’s Osama Bin Laden going wrong? Isn’t it obvious? He clearly he doesn’t realise that the best way to effect change in the world is through an online petition. They always work, don’t they?

These Bond fans know the truth though: they’ve created a badly designed online petition, protesting the casting of Daniel Craig as Bond. I can see an emergency meeting of the heads of EON productions in the offing right now, as they gather to work out how to react to this terrible blow.

Now, far be it from me to mock, but a few thoughts occur to me:

  1. Why protest now, when the producers have already started filming Casino Royale? Wouldn’t a few months ago, when they were still looking to recast Pierce Brosnan have been better timing?
  2. They protest that Craig is too thuggish-looking to be Bond. Hmm. So clearly they’re only fans of the movies, not the books then. And didn’t Ian Fleming object to Sean Connery’s casting because he wasn’t suave enough, too?
  3. They proclaim that there have been five great Bonds so far. Timothy Dalton didn’t exactly wow the crowds. But more importantly, can we respect the opinions of Roger Moore and George Lazenby fans?

Still, why am I raising these problems, when filming is about to stop and Daniel Craig fired, thanks to the mighty power of this online petition? It’s just a matter of time now.