The Old Man

What have you been watching? Including Ms Marvel, Obi-Wan Kenobi, The Time Traveler’s Wife and The Old Man

It’s “What have you been watching?”, your chance to recommend to fellow TMINE readers anything you’ve been watching this week

Let’s keep this short and sweet or else I’ll never get anything down! And I have a lot to cover.

Superman & Lois (US: The CW; UK: BBC One) seems to be operating on a fortnightly to three-weekly schedule at the moment. It’s been interesting and as good as always, even if it starting to feel like Smallville: The Parenting Years, . There’s an interesting ‘post-Metropolis’ vibe to the whole thing, like Superman’s youth was in Metropolis and now he’s older, things that we took as read (he won’t tell people his secret, etc) are no longer clear cut, since honestly, he’s getting on a bit now. So there have been some interesting format changes, at least.

Star Trek: Picard (US: Paramount+; UK: Amazon Prime) I finally watched to the end and it turned out to be okay by the end. Not total bobbins and the finale almost made up for the bobbins that went before it. But it was all a supertextually ‘We’re all old now and isn’t it a bit young and silly to be having fights, even with your arch enemies, so why don’t we just be nice to one another before we’re all dead.’ Which is fair enough I guess.

I watched another episode of The Essex Serpent (Apple TV+), which did suggest that maybe there really was a serpent (interesting!), but as usual, hints of adultery and failing marriages put it in my bad books for a couple of weeks so I got no further. Some interesting points around mass hysteria, though.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Paramount+) has been really fun. Maybe a little too fun? Remember those old episodes of Star Trek with Harry Mudd and the like? Like that much fun. I mean we’ve literally just had space pirates that have a spaceship that has a steering wheel off a ship.

Still awesome, though.

The Orville (US: Hulu; UK: Disney+) is back in new homes on both sides of the Atlantic. That seems to have forgotten it’s a Star Trek piss take that’s supposed to be having fun and appears to now think it actually is Star Trek and there’s not supposed to be fun in Star Trek. One funny line in the latest episode (there’s three new ones already) and zero in the first, which was basically one of those vaguely philosophical ones they do: can suicide be justified? Seems like if you want to watch funny Star Trek, you have to watch… Star Trek.

For All Mankind (AppleTV+) has made its return and has made it as far as the early 90s. Except the show postulates in a vaguely Watchmen-esque way that the continuation of the space race means that we’d be about 10-30 years ahead of where we were back then, with people doing video conferencing on their Apple Newtons. This season: we’re going to Mars and maybe socialist black Elon Musk, rather than the US and USSR, will be the man to get us there. There’s reduced soapiness at least, and it’s nice to see that our old guard are maybe not as liberal as people would like them to be. So I’m actually enjoying this one a lot more than season two. Particularly since this season opened with an episode that was almost as good as Gravity.

Stranger Things (Netflix) also returned and while not a marked improvement over season three, did feel a lot less repetitive and more innovative. This first batch of eps from the season (there’s a couple more to come next month, then another season after that) is a lot more grown up than the previous episodes, too, with some properly scary stuff going on. But most of it has the show’s favourite characters split up at the beginning, with the rest of the season then either about getting them back together or how 11 is going to get her powers back – which ultimately involves an explanation at last for why Hawkins is such a horror show. I really enjoyed it. I watched it over one weekend, which is something I generally don’t manage to get to do these days. There’s at least one really good new character, maybe two (no spoilers), as well.

And even if none of that was any good, there is one truly great scene that has justifiably propelled Kate Bush to the top of the charts again as a result. Watch it for that scene at least, because it’s actually incredibly moving – oddly enough.

After the jump, the new shows I’ve been watching. Although I might have to be brief on that, too. Sorry!

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Queen Latifah: Equalizer; Mayans MC renewed; + more

Every weekday, TMINE brings you the latest TV news from around the world

Internet TV

  • Melissa George, Gabriel Bateman and Logan Polish to star in Apple TV+’s Mosquito Coast



US TV show casting

New US TV shows

  • ABC developing: mother and son Vegas-to-Indiana comedy FLOUIS
  • CBS developing: reboot of The Equalizer, with Queen Latifah…
  • …and adaptations of Keshet (Israel)’s Clues and James Patterson and Cynthia Fagen’s The House of Kennedy
  • The CW developing: futuristic 20something female friends comedy

New US TV show casting

The Passage on Fox

Countless US renewals, cancellations and new shows; What Happened in Oslo; Catherine the Great trailer; + more

Every weekday, TMINE brings you the latest TV news from around the world

Internet TV


  • Trailer for Sky Atlantic’s Catherine The Great


US TV show casting

  • Chris Carmack, Jake Borelli and Greg Germann promoted to regulars on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy

New US TV shows

  • ABC green lights: series of conspiracy drama Emergence, with Allison Tolman, Donald Faison, Owain Yeoman et al…
  • …self-explanatory drama The Baker and the Beauty, with Victor Rasuk and Nathalie Kelley…
  • …legal drama For Life and family comedy United We Fall
  • …yellow lights: Heart of Life and NYPD Blue
  • CBS green lights: series of female LA police chief drama Tommy, with Edie Falco
  • red lights: Under the Bridge and The Republic of Sarah
  • Fox green lights: series of 911 spin-off 911: Lone Star, with Rob Lowe…
  • …and soap southern Gothic family drama Filthy Rich
  • NBC green lights: series of newly widowed dad comedy The Kenan Show, with Kenan Thompson and Andy Garcia…
  • …Jeffery Deaver’s Bone Collector adaptation Lincoln, with Russell Hornsby and Arielle Kebbel; church choir comedy Perfect Harmony, with Bradley Whitford, Anna Camp, Tymberlee Hill et al; and live-in grandparents comedy Indebted, with Adam Pally, Abby Elliott, Steven Weber and Fran Drescher

New US TV show casting

The Orville

The Orville’s gag reel is funnier than the show itself

Normally, gag reels are pretty limp affairs for people to laugh at at wrap-up parties when they’ve had a few drinks. However, The Orville‘s gag reel for season 2 is largely funnier than the show itself. True, it’s debatable whether The Orville is a comedy any more, but still.

The Orville - The Road Not Taken

What have you been watching? Including Game of Thrones and The Orville

It’s “What have you been watching?”, your chance to recommend to fellow TMINE readers anything you’ve been watching this week

Yes, it’s Thursday! After a temporary relocation to Tuesday, WHYBW is back on its God-ordained day thanks to last week’s viewing queue cull. Fingers crossed, that’ll allow me to start boxsetting again at the weekends. Fingers even more crossed, we won’t need to reschedule anything for a while.

Elizabeth Laidlaw and Noel Fisher in The Red Line
Elizabeth Laidlaw and Noel Fisher in The Red Line. Photo: Elizabeth Morris/CBS ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

This week’s reviews

There’s been a trickle of new shows over the past week, although I’ve skipped the likes of Netflix’s Chambers, on the general grounds it sounded rubbish. But elsewhere, I’ve reviewed:

And this week’s Orange Wednesday took in Avengers: Endgame (2019) and Godzilla (1954)

Cobra Kai - season 2
William Zabka, Martin Kove and Ralph Macchio in season 2 of YouTube’s Cobra Kai

What’s coming this week

The observant will have noticed that I’ve been watching the second season of YouTube’s Cobra Kai. I’ll be reviewing all of that tomorrow.

I’ve also started watching TVNZ’s The Bad Seed and as that ain’t bad, I’ll hopefully be doing that as a boxset on Tuesday (it’s another Bank Holiday in the UK on Monday).

That makes Netflix’s Dead to Me unlikely to fit into the schedule when it starts on Friday, but I might do that later next week. The Spanish Princess starts on Starz (US) on Sunday, but I’ll be working to Lovely Wife’s schedule on that one, her being the Tudor/Philippa Gregory expert.

There’ll be other stuff, too, I’m sure, maybe even in countries other than the US. But I’m not sure what.

HBO (US)'s Game of Thrones
Apparently, there was a big fight this week in HBO (US)’s Game of Thrones

The regulars

After last week’s cull, we have a much more stable stable of regulars to talk about this week. However, as WHYBW has been pushed back a couple of days, some of them are on double-episode duty.

After the jump then, Doom Patrol, Game of Thrones, The Twilight Zone, Warrior, and What We Do In the Shadows – one of them is getting promoted to the recommended list. Can you guess which one? It was also the season (and possibly series) finale of The Orville, so I’ll be talking about that, too.

See you in a mo.

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