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A few mini-reviews before I go: My Life is Murder; Pandora; The Unsettling; and Pearson

As I pointed out during this week’s WHYBW, I’ve put in a pretty poor effort in the reviews stakes over the past week. I atoned for my lack of movie reviews, but although I took in Departure during WHYBW, that’s still not good enough is it?

So here’s not one, not two, not three, but four mini-reviews to leave you with before I go away on holiday:

  • My Life is Murder (Australia: Ten; UK: Alibi)
    Lucy Lawless is a former top cop whose ex-colleagues refuse to let her talents go to waste so keep roping her into investigations
  • Pandora (US: The CW)
    A young woman is orphaned by evil aliens, so she signs up to join the fight against them. Except maybe all is not what it seems
  • The Unsettling (US: Awesomeness TV)
    A teenage girl arrives at her new remote foster home. Soon, strange things start to happen around her.
  • Pearson (US: USA)
    Suits spin-off that follows Gina Torres to Chicago where she becomes a political operative.

What do they all have in common? Well, they all involve “speaking the plot out loud”.

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Innocent, Behzat Ç renewed; Hot Zone, City on a Hill trailers; + more

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New US TV shows

  • Trailer for National Geographic’s The Hot Zone
  • Trailer for Showtime’s City on a Hill
  • NBC green lights: series of father/daughter law firm drama Bluff City Law, with Jimmy Smits and Caitlin McGee, and immigration comedy Sunnyside, with Kal Penn
  • Freeform red lights: Breckman Rodeo
  • TNT red lights: Beast Mode and Constance

New US TV show casting