Five picks up on the House/Sherlock Holmes parallels

Glad to see someone eagle-eyed and literate at Five’s trailers department has spotted the more obvious Sherlock Holmes allusions in House, and is bigging them up in the trailers. I say eagle-eyed because they spotted that House lives at 221b – no, that wasn’t CGI. He really does live there – which wasn’t the easiest tribute to spot unless you’re watching closely.

But we’re still playing catch-up with the US and over the last couple of episodes, the Holmes allusions have been getting stronger. We’ve now seen Wilson move in with House and bring his housekeeper with him. So that’s House and Wilson living together at 221b. With a housekeeper. Hmm.

Incidentally, Holmes tributes are not the only kind of homages that House‘s production team makes. Keep your eyes open for House’s Tivo settings. You’ll notice he’s dead keen on Blackadder


House’s “Failure to Communicate” failed to communicate correctly about aphasia

My wife would like me to point out that unlike the depiction of aphasics in House MD‘s latest episode, A Failure to Communicate (aired a week ago in the US), they do not usually communicate in code. The words they substitute tend not to be related to the replaced words until at least six months after they first get the condition and even then, only infrequently.

More importantly, they tend to have comprehension issues as well, so they can’t understand what’s being said to them. Those two complaints combined tend to knacker the whole episode in fact.

Damn. That’s ruined my faith in Sherlock Holmes Gregory House, now.

The F-Word theme tune and others

Since a load of people seem to come to my blog to find out the theme tunes to popular TV programs and adverts, I thought I’d post an entry with the most common ones:

  • The F-Word (Gordon Ramsay’s food show): The F-Word by Babybird
    iTunes: The F-Word
  • The Orange ad with the couple dancing: 1/1 from Ambient 1: Music for Airports by Brian Eno
    iTunes: 1/1; Ambient 1: Music for Airports
  • T-Mobile: Ooh la la from Supernature by Goldfrapp
    iTunes: Ooh la la; Supernature
  • House, MD: in the UK, no one special; in the US, an instrumental version of Teardrop, from Mezzanine by Massive Attack
    iTunes: Teardrop; Mezzanine

Hope that’s helpful!

Why no Teardrop for House?

What’s the theme tune to House? A simple question, you might think, but it has two answers. In the US and Canada, it’s Teardrop by Massive Attack (also available in the iTunes Music Store). Yet in the UK and Australia, to name but two overseas markets, the theme is an original piece, written by theme composers.

Why? I imagine licensing issues are the heart of the problem, but did Massive Attack refuse to license their music outside North America or did they simply ask for too much?

I’ll try to find out…