What did you watch on TV last week (w/e March 21)

What I still had to watch last week: The Bridge, Sons of Tucson, Women, Archer, Modern Family, CSI and Spartacus: Blood and Sand.
What I still have to watch this week: The Bridge, Sons of Tucson, Women, CSI and Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

So I’m going to go out on a limb and say unless I have a very long train journey to and from a stag weekend on Friday and Sunday – oh wait – I’m probably not going to be watching most of those at all. But I definitely won’t be watching CSI: sorry, time to give up on it, since I’m just not feeling it any more.

But here’s what I definitely did watch.

  • Archer: Man is that show starting to dive off the deep end into the deviant pool. Brilliantly funny though.
  • Chuck: Wow they really are shaking things up this season (which is now by far my favourite already). Great to have some Casey backstory, some lovely Ellie and Awesome moments, great to see Sarah and Casey actually doing something for a change and some terrifically dark moments as well. What can the ending mean? Well, I’d know if I’d watched last night’s yet. Sad that Robert Patrick got to do more action scenes this episode than in the whole of The Unit though.
  • Community: Brilliant ending, very funny throughout. People should watch this show.
  • Lost: Interesting ‘alternative Sawyer’ and great to see Charlotte back. But a bit of a filler.
  • Life Unexpected: Yey, Alexandra Breckenridge is back and the whole show is now playing musical beds. More adult than previous weeks and better for it.
  • Rome: Still good – watch it if you haven’t already.
  • Scrubs: As a final episode (which it almost certainly was), this was a great big let down. It had some funny moments, but both it and the series itself hasn’t really caught fire. Loved Denise though. She should get her own show.
  • 30 Rock: Martin Sheen is doing well as the Englishman (with the Welsh accent) who uses some very bizarre Englishisms. But it really is playing to the media types now, isn’t it? Who really knew what was going on with the whole NBC/’Kabletown’ deal unless they’ve been following the trade papers? Funny end joke about the TV porn channel for women.
  • 24: WTF? Can I just ask that again? WTF? What kind of insane bunch of execs are running 24 these days? Who waits until episode 12 until they decide “Hey, maybe we should make this show interesting?” So for the last two weeks, we’ve finally had the high-octane, all-action Jack Bauer power hour we’ve all been waiting for all season. Is it too little too late? Probably. But great to see Action Chloe and Action Renee as well.

But what did you watch?

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Tuesday’s “the Hoff’s on TV. No, not that Hoff” news

Doctor Who


British TV


  • Pilot casting, including Julie Benz on No Ordinary Family and Alexandra Breckenridge on Traffic Light
  • Dustin Hoffman to star in Luck – his first TV show in 40 years
  • TV Land orders 10 episodes of Hot in Cleveland
  • American Idol‘s Katharine McPhee to star in The Pink House
  • Matt Frewer to guest on Supernatural [spoilers]

What have you been watching this week (w/e February 12)

I haven’t watched this week’s episodes of Archer, 30 Rock, Community, or Modern Family yet, but:

  • Being Human: Mitchell’s stuff very good. Loved it, including the flashback to Herrick, but George’s storyline was loopy and what’s up with Annie? That’s not a storyline at all. I’m worried they can’t really think of anything for her now.
  • House: If you don’t love Cuddy already, you will by the end of this Cuddy-centric episode.
  • Chuck: Stupid in all sorts of ways, particularly the romances and the end scene, but reasonably diverting and I’m liking the continuing darkness that Chuck has gained this season.
  • Burn Notice: Excellent episode. Glad to see they’ve steered away from “client of the week” stuff in favour of proper spy stuff. Tim Matheson was epic and the twists were very clever. Still not convinced by Chris Vance’s accent or that the Chris Vance plot is in fact going anywhere decent.
  • Supernatural: The producers really have mastered the art of writing an episode so that it looks like a trivial, funny one, then twisting it into something far more important and interesting. A few duff moments, very gruesome, but really enjoyed it.
  • Leverage: Very enjoyable and the team chemistry seemed more like it used to be. Glad to see they’ve now jumped onto a story arc with good old Mark Sheppard again.
  • Archer: Still pretty funny, but losing it a little.
  • 24: Finally, some action! Didn’t last long though, but at least we have Jack front and centre this week.
  • Lost: Although you could see a lot of things that are actually poised to become answers being laid down, this felt a lot like a filler episode. The flash-sideways, complete with cameo by Ethan, was enjoyable, as was the sudden return of feral Claire at the end. But if they’re going to start raising more questions now, they’re going to need to start answering them soon, because this is answers season, okay? We don’t need any more mysteries. We have quite enough already.
  • Newswipe: Every week in every way, Newswipe is becoming more and more like Screenwipe, which is good, since when Brooker’s trying to educate us about the news, he’s only okay to good – when he’s pastiching, he’s great. Brilliant work by Adam Curtis as well.
  • Being Erica: Finally, after two months of having season two sit in the backlog, we started watching some more of season two, starting with episode five, which was dreadful. Fortunately, episode six – in which we went to 2019 and discovered Kai was from the future – was a whole lot better and the proper arrival of Dr Frank as a character for Dr Tom to interact with has definitely made the show more interesting. Even the publishing storylines are getting more interesting.
  • Life Unexpected: Talking of Being Erica, how odd. We appear to be on famous female guest star rotation duty here, since although Alex Breckenridge wasn’t in this week, Erin Karpluk has mysteriously added herself to the cast list as Cate and Ryan’s radio producer. As with 24‘s Nazneen Contractor (who starred in The Border), the rule appears to be “star in your own show in Canada, get a bit part in the US” but Karpluk managed to shine in her semi-Erica role all the same. The episode as a whole though was a lot closer in tone to the enjoyable pilot, although as someone recently pointed out, despite Lux being integral to the whole scenario, the show would be a whole lot better without her. She’s just so whiny and bitchy.

But what did you watch?

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Third-episode verdict: Life Unexpected

In the US: Mondays, 9/8c, The CW

To maintain a sense of consistency with my first-episode review, I’m about a week late with this third-episode verdict. But hell – let’s do it.

So as we all recall, Life Unexpected sees a precocious teenager who’s been through seven foster families track down her birth parents so that she can be emancipated and lead her own life, free of adults. However, despite leading separate lives now, they decide to be ‘Lux’s’ parents for real.

Now, the first episode was actually quite good: it played a little with the darkness of the concept, had some reasonably witty dialogue and moments and the characters were broadly likable. Trouble was, it was pretty much a self-contained concept – where was the show going to go from there?

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