Witchblade movie in the works

Variety reports that a new adaptation of Witchblade is in the works. Am I the only one who thinks this is a bad idea? I’m not worried about the usual things. I’m worried it’ll be as bad as the original. Besides, there’s already been a TV adaptation that would be a far, far better source for a movie script.

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Existential Space Cadets

I love this guy’s mum’s comments:

“So they’re not really in space?” “No, mum, that wouldn’t be funny.”

“But they don’t know they’re not in space?” “No.”

“So which one is the actor?” “Charlie. That one there.”

“Does he know he’s an actor?”

There’s a whole world of Jean-Paul Sartre in there, struggling to get out.


Charlie from Space Cadets reveals his secret identity online (and gives us a drinking game)

Charlie Skelton, astronautI’ve not been watching Space Cadets much. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s rubbish. However, I’ve kept an occasional eye on it because of Charlie Skelton, one of the undercover moles sent to infiltrate the “space cadets”. Why? He runs a blog with my sister about cats.

Before he went in, Charlie left the world a Space Cadets drinking game. If you’re still actually watching the show by the final, I exhort you to try: it should relieve the pain.