A remake of The Prisoner? Surely not…

The Media Guardian is reporting that Granada (aka ITV aka land of rubbish TV) is to remake The Prisoner. Given the current array of talent working for British TV, and in particular Granada, why do I know already that it’s going to be appalling, shallow, insipid and have nothing to say for itself other than “we really need some ratings”. I’m curious to know where they’re going to shoot it, now Portmeirion has been crossed off the location list. Somewhere around Manchester perhaps, Granada?


Night Stalker cancelled

It’s not a big surprise but Night Stalker has been cancelled. It wasn’t a great show and it’s initial episode was so bad, it is a surprise that anyone watched at all. But it had been picking up and was almost bearable at times. I’d have watched it in preference to Invasion any day, yet Invasion has been picked up for a whole season.

This week’s episode will be replaced by Primetime Live. They could have waited, couldn’t they? It was a two-parter! Now how are we going to find out what happened? Buy the DVD?


The NFT audience

I went to the NFT to watch Ace in the Hole on Friday. What can I say? A movie about a cynical reporter – how could I resist, even if it did had the most implausible scissor-wound in movie history? But there’s something I want to share with you.

The NFT audience is filled with some strange people. Sure, it’s mostly packed with perfectly innocent cinephiles. But there was a different kind of person there as well…

The chattering classes were there. I’m talking about:

  • People who bring thermoses of tea and picnic blankets with them when they go to see Sense and Sensibility.
  • People who think The English Patient was a good film, that Ralph Fiennes’ character wasn’t a boorish moron and that talk about “the super-sternal notch” on a woman’s neck is romantic.
  • People who act like English teachers (to paraphrase Nick Hancock) who take their classes on school trips to see Macbeth and then go “Ha” and slap their thighs when the gravedigger says something funny.

During this particular movie, said chattering classes laughed uproariously at every single joke, no matter how slight. I’m not talking about regular laughs, either. These were odd. “Ha, ha, ha, ha!” I’m not being onomatopoeic here. You could hear every letter. And for people who object to “youths” talking during movies, they weren’t half a bunch of gasbags.

They irritated me something chronic and ruined a perfectly good cinema experience. Is there some way to get them banned? Surely there must be.


XFM live feed

Just in case y’all didn’t know, there’s a high-quality live stream of XFM available. You’ll need to use Windows Media Player to listen.

Just in case you thought I was being ignorant and ignoring all the open source apps out there that can also listen to WMP streams, I mean you will definitely need WMP to listen to it. It actually has a user-agent sniffer that rejects other apps. Talk about pointless restrictions, but maybe they just don’t want you recording the radio.

Oh wait. That’s stupid. Anyone got any better suggestions as to why this should be?