Werner Herzog: action man

If you haven’t been listening to Mark Kermode’s film reviews on Five Live

  1. why not?
  2. you’ll have missed Mark’s tale on Friday about when he interviewed Werner Herzog (last week, I think)

Apparently, he went to Herzog’s LA home to film the interview. When he got there, he asked Herzog if they could go outside to shoot an establishing shot. Herzog agrees, they go outside then suddenly Kermode hears something like a firecracker. He looks down and Herzog has been shot in the stomach.

“Don’t worry. It is a small bullet. Nothing to worry about. I have had worse,” says Herzog.

Despite Kermode’s concerns, they go inside and continue the interview, during which Herzog continues to bleed from his wound.

The next day, Kermode gets a call from Herzog. “It was a slightly bigger bullet than I thought.” But he’s still all right.



Smash Hits to close

The magazine that launched the likes of Mark Frith, Kate Thornton and Emma “CIA? CID? Same thing” Jones to ‘stardom’ is finally to close. I never bought a copy of Smash Hits myself, but I’d frequently browse through my sister’s copies when we were growing up. It was a bit pants, wasn’t it, with its stupid made-up words and SAW obsession?

Still, it feels like the end of an era. I imagine this is how my parents’ generation felt when The Eagle closed, whether they read it or not.