Layer Cake’s success nothing to do with James Bond?!

No surprise: Layer Cake is doing good trade in the DVD market in the US after doing bad box office. Who’d have thought the one recent movie starring the next James Bond would begin to do well once distributors started publicising that fact?

Surprise: The article in Slate pointing out this phenomenon singularly fails to implicate James Bond in this and instead tries to put it down to the movie itself.

Bigger surprise: Apparently, Americans can’t cope with cockney accents and can only deal with approximately one-third of the dialogue.

Seriously? Weird. It’s not that hard. One of the easier British accents out there. Try Glaswegian if you want a hard accent: cockney’s a doddle. Not that the faux London accents on display in Layer Cake were anything to really test your ability to understand British accents. They were actors, darling, not proper salt-of-the-earth Londoners, love.

Muso fun

Muso fun

This piece of viral marketing on behalf of Virgin Digital has been doing the rounds, but it’s fun enough that I’m willing to put it here. There are 72 bands in the picture (eg Guns n Roses bottom left). Can you find them all? Click on the picture for the full size version.

Muso fun