David Tennant covering fire

To protect myself from any backlash stemming from my review of Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who, I thought I’d point you all in the direction of this not particularly pleasant piece in the Daily Mail. It’s about David Tennant on the beach and asks (because like Jeopardy answers, all Daily Mail headlines must be in the form of a question) “Is this the palest man in the galaxy?

Hmm. Someone who spends all his time in Wales, Scotland and TV studios looks a bit pale? What are the chances of that happening?


Survivors may be back

SurvivorsRemember Survivors? No? It was kind of a dark version of The Good Life, in which everyone in the world bar a couple of ‘lucky’ survivors is wiped out by accidental germ warfare, leaving those behind to eke out an existence for themselves by growing their own vegetables.

It degenerated after a while, but was a good show and it had one of the most chilling title sequences ever (you’ll need RealPlayer to watch it).

It turns out the BBC is considering reviving it, according to the Media Guardian (free registration required). Interesting choice for the next revival: I’d have gone with Blake’s 7 because the whole “terrorists or freedom fighters?” thing would work quite well right now, but I suspect Survivors would cost a whole lot less to remake. The question is, does self-sufficiency still resonate the way it did during the 70s?


Review: Doctor Who – 2×13 – Doomsday


Cyberman: Dalek?

Dalek: Cyberman?

Cyberman: Did your sensors detect the fluid that I just expelled from my right lateral articulator joint?

Dalek: My probes observed the phenomenon

Cyberman: Are they able to analyse it?

Dalek: They report it is composed of waste oil and grease and certain biochemical solutions

Cyberman: Where is it now?

Dalek: It is sinking into the floor where it is being absorbed by human excretions such as dandruff and hair

Cyberman: That’s your void ship that is. Your mum made that. It’s like the best thing she’s ever done.

Dialogue from Doctor Who episode Doomsday.

So it’s the end, but the moment has been prepared for. The Daleks and the Cybermen had a great big fight and Rose is stuck in another universe. And it was all just so mediocre.

I wanted to like this. I really really wanted to like this. But I was bored. I may reconsider if I ever get round to watching the episode again. Already, my brain is trying its hardest to filter out the dross and crud surrounding the few good things in the episode.

But nothing can alter the fact that from about 7.20pm on Saturday night I was clock-watching.

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Preview: Hidden Palms

Hidden Palms


We are in the office of a PRODUCER. He’s in his late twenties and full of coke and gym-induced energy. It’s sunny outside – it’s LA after all – but there’s the faint sound of a breeze. As the producer happily plays with his A-Team action figures, we slowly realise that the breeze is actually a whistling noise coming from between his ears.

There is a knock at the door.



He giggles. He said come. That one always cracks him up. He returns to playing with Mr T.

Enter JUNIOR WRITER excitedly. Junior Writer is even younger than the Producer, Harvard-educated and has wanted to work in television his whole life. He hasn’t been paid in two years, even though his internship only lasted six months. But that’s all right: his trust fund is extensive.

The notepaper he carries in his hand contains The Idea.


I have it! I have an idea for a new show.

Producer looks up. There’s only a slight glassiness to his eye from the coke. Slowly, he realises what this means.

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