Review: Kyle XY 2.1

Kyle XY

In the US: ABC Family, Mondays, 8/7c

In the UK:
Trouble TV at some point

Characters re-cast: 0

Major characters gotten rid of: Several

Major new characters: 2

Format change percentage: 25%

Ah, the Aspy propaganda show returns. Yes, the good-looking genius with poor social skills, muted emotional reactions, monotone voice, obsessive interests and an affinity for computers is once again back and boosting ABC Family’s ratings through its (not especially high) roof.

For a show that was predicated on mystery for its first season (Who is Kyle? How can he do the things he does? Why doesn’t he have a belly button?), Kyle XY takes a relatively big chance with its season premiere by blabbing out the answers to more or less every question you might have had. Kyle’s origins, his mysterious older doppleganger, et al, all get explained. In a sense, that’s good, because some of the answers, if they’d emerged after x or y seasons, would have disappointed. As it is, we now have mysterious conspiracies involving Einstein and gestation that aren’t totally satisfying or logical.

But with the decks cleared and certain characters swept from the board (some perhaps a little too quickly) we’re free to set up a few more new mysteries and let Kyle learn more about himself. We also have an important new character who might swing the series in various different directions.

If you’ve not watched the show before, now’s probably not the best time to join, because you’ll lose all the fun of last season’s mystery’s; all the same, you should be able to jump in and pick things up. Regular viewers might feel a little sense of loss as the show adjusts and takes a new turn, but it’s mostly the same. Fingers crossed they’ll manage to keep the standards up (and the level of eye contact down).