Prison Break resumes its plummet into absurdity

Ah. I am so gratified. Prison Break sounds like a stupid idea, right from the get-go: man commits crime so he can get sent to the exact same prison as his brother, the same prison he designed and whose plans he has tattooed on his body. How dumb is that? Nevertheless, over the past season it’s done it’s lovely best to fix the obvious flaws in its set-up.

But this week’s episode proved magnificent in terms of returning us back to its initial level of implausibility again. Because this week, the evil “Company” everyone kept talking about that we all thought was the CIA, turned out to be something even better. It’s a secret group of multinationals that secretly and in secret run the entire world! They appoint politicians, judges, everyone!

Magnificent. Now all it has to do is beat CSI: Miami to take the title of silliest but most engrossing show on US television. That’ll take some doing though.

UPDATE: I’m watching last night’s episode of CSI: Miami right now and “Ryan Wolfe” just asked a woman out on a date. He invited her to a Mexican wrestling match! Prison Break has nothing on this!

The dubious delights of disease

I was ill yesterday. You could probably tell since I thought David Tennant’s hairstyle was an interesting thing to blog about.

Anyway, I’m not used to being ill. Whole households can get devastated by illness while I’m staying with them and I’ll have a mild headache for 10 minutes at worst. No disease can do me in for more than 24 hours though, so I’m back to full health again. Hoorah.

Omega Factor DVD front coverBut yesterday, I was ill. So being out of practice with illness, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I tried watching The Omega Factor again, in preparation for a review I’m writing. That nearly put me to sleep, because I’ve seen it a few times now. So following on from my earlier discussion of the best audio commentaries ever, I decided to have a listen to the audio commentary for Anchorman.

Anchorman DVD's front coverI have to say, that was the weirdest commentary I’ve ever heard. It was practically a movie by itself. It had guest stars who hadn’t even appeared in the movie, including singing legend Lou Rawls, who seemed very mystified to be there. It had action scenes, with Will Ferrell pretending to have his nose crushed and claiming that cartilage was streaming down his face. It was very, very odd. Not especially funny. But entertaining in the same way as performance art is. Worth listening to in a mind-expanding way. The film’s a lot funnier, incidentally.


Sounds, erm, magnificent?

The new K9We’ve railed against Winnie the Pooh getting the CGI treatment. We’ve railed against a whole lot of things in fact. But now, the Independent is reporting, K9 is to make a comeback as a CGI hero of his own Fox Kids show.

Step 1: Place memories on pavement

Step 2: Stamp all over them

Step 3: Stamp over them some more.

At the very least, I hope they get John Leeson back. The question, though, is why Fox Kids instead of CBeebies or some other BBC-owned channel? Maybe it’s all been made up. Or it’s a bad dream or something.

UPDATE: The Times explains all. And there’s a picture. Sob